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Sony PSP Go

Hours before, the sony e3 press confernce. Images of their newest project is leaked. The sony psp go. Here, we get a look at the new PSP Go, which is due to ship out this Fall to Sony video game retailers. Confirmed details for the updated PSP include: a 3.8-inch display, 43% lighter body than the PSP-3000, 16GB of Flash storage, Built-in Bluetooth, Memory Stick Micro slot, Full PlayStation Network support, and Integration with the PlayStation 3 console.



I want one.

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Keri Hilson “Freaky” on stage


I dunno who, this guy is… But I envy him whole-heartedly.


I love keri hilson –

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Fli Pelicans Interview

The much awaited dope interview, with sherman of fli pelicans.



What’s your story?
Pelicans; Well I been into Fashion and Business all my life. I always the different one in school and around the hood. I was the only dude in the hood riding a skate board while all the Dopeboys was on the corner doing there dang. and its crazy how Nino(FLI PELICAN CEO) got hook up with each other. I was on Facebook as everyone else and ran by Nino and I was like a kid in a candy store when i saw the designs. I hit him up about cop some gear and so happen that he was hitting me up about coming aboard to help move FLI PELICAN to another level. So we talked and now we are here today. The line has been around for about 1 1/2 now and For those who does know. The Pelican symbol stands for SELFNESS and FLI stands for Finding Love Inside. just become yourself and don’t follow suit. Also, everything is done in house, no out source other then I our New Era Fitteds. All designs are created out by hand, printed and tagged all by hand and made after order. Nothing is sitting around waiting to get shipped. They are freshly printed and tagged once order is placed.
Who do you try to target?
Pelicans; Well there is no certain market we try to target. Basically we target any and everyone that likes to be different and not afraid to step outside the box. 
Okay where do you see fli pelicans go in the future?
Pelicans; I am guess you are asking where do I see FLI PELICAN going in the future, well I see Fli Pelican has one of the top sickest urban Clothing line in the fashion Market. We also are working on the FPMG(fli pelican music group) so be on the look out for that alone with some more other FLI PELICAN moves that I can’t speak on at this time. but make sure you stay tune to
What is your view on dope?
Pelicans; WOW well my view is really simple, just something that is different and not your everyday thing or lifestyle. 
What is your favorite brand?
Pelicans; hahahaha!! Was that a trick question or something!! Come on now FLI PELICAN is my favorite Brand. I guess outside of that I would say I like Kid Robot, The Hundreds, District 81(Out Of Det), BBC, Married To the Mob and a few others.
What do you think makes a brand a success?
Pelicans; I have to say that first it starts out the Mind set of the creator of the brand. You have to want to be different and not trying to follow and do what everyone else is doing. do your research on brands and the business side of fashion. You have to have a great team on hand as well as great people around you for the right reason and not just around because of trying to use your brand name for there own use and for free gear and events and parties. Network is the big key, you have to get out of your box and go out and hit these other markets up. don’t jump on event that is put in your eye because the same way that may can help you can kill you at the same time. and like I said before THINK outside the box and don’t ever think you have made it because you can always be better and bigger then what you are.
Who are you looking foward of working with?
Pelicans; Umm well no certain people really, I would say anyone that wants to work with us on some straight up for real tip. No messing and bulling around.
What is your favorite article of clothing in your brand
Pelicans; hahahaha!! Man I am loving this trick questions, every PEICE that is made by FLI PELICAN is my favorite. 
Fli’ Pelicans has a music group?
Pelicans; Yes it’s call FLI PELICAN MUSIC GROUP and we are currently working with Earl Mac(out of DET also sign to Big Sean Label Finally Famous) and our ATL chapter team Member Young Riez. Check out for some leak of there music and also you can catch Earl Mac hitting in the Stage Opening up for Drake when he comes here to Memphis. Oh yeah another thing on that we are also working a FLI PELICAN Mixtape so all GREAT artists send in your illest work to ONLY THE sickest will be selected
Will you be having giveaways?
Pelicans; There may be just keep you eyes and ears open to
Does everything you create hit shelfs?
Pelicans; I have to say not it does not. Most designs are made for Online only and some are made for that region that has FLI PELICAN feature in there store. you can catch FP at Burn Rubber(DET),Leaders(CHI), SNKY(St Louis), Trendsetterz(Canada), Sneak Peek(Memphis) and a few more other shops we are finalizing on as we speak. Other then those stores, So if you have a dope Sneaker Shops in your state and city that does not have FLI PELICAN feature in there shop,go ask them why not!! hahahahahahah!! 
Like to say shout out to my Man/bro and CEO of FLI PELICAN Nino Brown, Young Riley, Juan(Our sick blogger), Diamond(our great assist), Whitney(other great assist), Mike,Buck, Mondo, Chelcea, John, Chris, Greg, Jade, Young Riez and all who follow FLI PELICAN and believe in the brand. and all the customers who order off line and buy out the shops.

“FLI PELICAN don’t fans, we want BELIEVERS”
Well shouts out to all the Pelicans, & the pelican lovers. Thanks sherman for the interview. And thanks a many too all those who waited for the interview. Peace & love.
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Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 Collection

The collection offers a variety of cut and styles to complete any females wardrobe including key staple summer looks, from a range of volume bubble skirts to edgy studded vest to the graphic tees synonymous to Hellz.

The collection offers a variety of cut and styles to complete any females wardrobe including key staple summer looks, from a range of volume bubble skirts to edgy studded vest to the graphic tees synonymous to Hellz.


This is FLY!


Meezyy’s Birthday Bash!

The extended fam over at  has some exciting things. Going on My bro meezyy turns 22 today! Another year older, another year wiser I always say. I just wanna shout you out to have the best birthday you can. And hopefully this year is better then the last! So meez. Happy Birthday. Oh BTW; If your in the New York City area, hit him up here –>  for the information don’t gotta twitter? Get one, & follow.


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Louis Vuitton/ Underground



2009 Fornasari Buggy