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Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West – Supernova (Video)

This guy Mr.Hudson has the potential to be great.. One of my favorite tracks right now… featuring the louis vuitton don… Supernova.



Who Remebers This?

Who remebers this gem?
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Part social network, part membership club, Levi’s Japan recently created the Levi’s CLiQUE Project where members enjoy incentives such as access to limited edition items. For those who incurred certain purchasing points, Levi’s CLiQUE will award certain gifts, including these 3 exclusive BE@RBRICK figures.  Designed in conjunction with MEDICOM TOY, each of the 3 features a different ensemble in classic Levi’s denim – Levi’s 501, Levi’s Women, and Levi’s x fragment design – Fenom.  To order any of the 100% size BE@RBRICK, Levi’s CLiQUE members must purchase over 20,000 points, or equivalent of US$ 200 worth of Levi’s Japan products. Quantities are very limited.

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5th Ave Artwork

Check out this dope Artwork…..

Death Of Izzo…..

We are working on something big, huge at that. Its a song, anthem at the least over the D.O.A. beat. Its going to be crazy, we will keep you updated….
Be prepared

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Sigg Jones

Sigg Jones is an upcoming 3D animation movie produced by three French film students. Their love for sneakers takes up an important role in the movie, with the main character getting super powers via his Magic Dunk. After the Marty McFly shoe, the Magic Dunk might be the next one that people will ask to be put into production. Only time will tell. SneakerFreaker talked to the three animators of the movie.

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Pharrell’s Steps to Success Pt 1 of 3

Pharrell speaks, on his steps to success & the first one is “Listen to yourself” enjoy…