dopeINTERVIEW with Nike Nando

Interview with my, man Nike Nando..

What’s your story.?

I do various forms of Hip Hop. I’m sort of a underdog. (laughs) My area (DMV) gives me a lot of grief but I don’t mind. I find it really funny and entertaining. I’ve done hip hop since I was 6 years old now I got a little attention I’m planning on doing more than I ever dreamed to make the dream a reality.

Where you from?

I’m a musician based out Prince Georges County, Md. I’ve recently fell back from being apart of “The DMV” because of the politics. Nobody ever really reps PG County too tuff anyways so I figure, hell why not?

Who’s your team?

Well earlier this year I was in negotiations with Raheem DeVaughn’s label but the deal didn’t go thru so I decided I was going to create my OWN label (DeLorean Music Group) and I’ve never been happier.

What are you working on?

I’m working on A LOT of projects. I have a mixtape entitled “Super Nike Nando” which will be released for free on the internet July 20th and I hope to do alright as far as downloads. After I’m going to release my ep “EGO” which I’m trying to get distributed thru itunes and sold in mom & pop stores and local boutiques if I can get them interested enough. (laughs)

Who do you want to work with?

I’d like to work w/ Chuck Inglish. I think he’s a rad emcee and producer. I don’t really have too many artists I’d like to work with to be honest with you. I say that because you can’t name A LOT of people who did some really ill shit w/ Chuck besides Mickey (Rocks). I hear he’s in the studio w/ Justin Timberlake but that’s not hip hop. (laughs)

Where do you see your self in the next five years

Alive…Other than that successful, obtained a buzz home to where I can do MORE paid shows here because if your not Wale or Tabi they’re not paying you for a show. So I wanna do some local shows and get some bread from it. Have my label established and turned into a movement everyone wants to be apart of…but can’t. Artists Cayan to have a record deal or writing songs for artists already signed themselves. And last but not least for my family to be healthy and blessed.

When did you know you wanted to do music?

I knew that I wanted to do music when I was about 4 or 5. I used to dance to Michael Jackson and every time a hip hop record that would make you dance came on I’d be dancing to get my mom and her friends attention. (laughs) Then when my mom passed when I was six I started writing rhymes down to express my feelings because I didn’t have anyone to express my feelings to. Now I’m making music as an attempt to provide for myself and my family.

What’s your out looks on me & blog?

I think this blog is dope. I see A LOT of stuff on here that I wouldn’t see on a lot of other blogs. (that’s why it’s in my favorite’s on my computer.) (laughs)

What’s the ladies like mr. Nando

I mean, I don’t know. (laughs) I’m currently in a relationship so I try my best to avoid temptation. My lady is WONDERFUL but a trip. Shout out to my baby Traisha. (Laughs) Where I’m from we call that “boo luvin”. (laughs) But I’ve had females who did not care at all about my girl and would STILL try to talk to me. I don’t understand it. (laughs) But I’m a one woman man.

Where do you recently reside?

I reside in Fort Washington, Md. (Prince Georges County) about 10 minutes away from Washington, D.C. so the influence from D.C. is still where I live. From the slang, style, and even go-go music. (which I HATE…now.)

Who you think gon win the finals?

Man…I don’t keep up with sports. I watch Fuel TV like shit. (laughs) but Kobe the man.(laughs)

What you doing now?

I’m listening to Maybach Music II. I really only like Kanye’s verse, after that I cut it off.

Any last words?

Shouts out to my team DMG, Vice Life & Yams! They make sure that I’m on the right path so I can make this so much more than a hobby. If you wanna send contact me for collabs you can email me @: And hit my myspace I’m 100,000 profile views in the game. (laughs) and my blog

Much love Mr.Nando also we got an exclusive for you guys, real soon peace.

Also check him out @ Grungcake Summer Bake Sale Fri June 26th 7 to 11


by. mikeybombers

  1. i love nando, eagerly waiting for his new mixtape.
    & hes big in the dmv, whether or not he thinks so.

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