Review: Best I ever Had (Video)


mikeybombers here, with my review of Best I Ever Had (video) Drake hasn’t had much luck with his songs being turned into videos. It could just be because, his music is just so ahead of his time nobody knows how to act when he gets in-front of the camera. Or his songs just don’t work well with videos. Whatever the case maybe we get down to the debate what do you think about the video well if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the video @ the top of the page.. Anyway. my review

I like the video to Best I ever had… from the opening sequences, to drake’s attire the video was tight. I just don’t understand what being a basketball coach of a medicore team that can only stretch (very well I might add) has to do with the Best you’ve ever had? I mean I was thinking that the video would be about Drizzy chasing around this girl that he likes trying talking to him-self about how much he likes her, and then goes in for the kill & tell her his feelings, but the video was not like that. It kinda confused me that the video went in the route but whatever the case maybe would I pay for the video on iTunes? Yeah cause I’ve followed drake before his fame & glory and always knew he would do great.. also did you see those Ti**ies? 


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