Jet Powered Bike


Production year 1997
Pricing for ¥ 1,000,000. (Tax)

FAIYATORIKKUBOBU is a real jet engine is a real private jet.

◆ electric assisted bicycle as a spoof, made by Planning and Development Office天堂ring宿野interesting bicycle maker of a certain age, the work of his second cycle in four assists.

◆ help run the engine, for aircraft equipped with TABINJETTOENJIN RAJIKON structured as a real jet. The smell and the sound of hot air, you can get real experience as real.

◆ Full-throttle state (turbine rpm: rotation per minute 120,003 thousand) thrust in the 5 km (4.4 equivalent of horsepower) to get HAIPAWAASHISUTO, continue to pull the pedal in the flat road, and before I knew it fast you can reach. Since there is no sense of acceleration torque but it is not (about to get a child back then), also helped KUREZU takeoff climb also.

◆ same standard fuel, jet fuel and jet fighters (Jp-4) equipped with a 1 liter, about 7 minutes of continuous operation is possible. Nitrogen gas and alternative fuel pumps, to protect the bearings are exposed to very high temperatures, the turbine oil is consumed like water, cost of operation, it takes about 500 yen per minute.

◆ to start the engine by the compressor is 10 km high pressure air is required. When you start outside, use a high-pressure air tanks for diving. If they weigh the patient, so the engine can run on one’s back in the tank (maybe).

◆ exhaust gas temperature up to 700 degrees. Thus the cold season, as his super-powered hot air fan heater! However, annoyingly,臭KU, high cost. Put the engine in preparation, it is important to have an understanding of everyone from around the neighborhood.

◆ If you do not start the engine, a little heavier (weight: 22kg) are available only as an ordinary bike.

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