ClearAudio Emotion SE Turntable


Clearaudio has released a new version of its Emotion turntable called the Emotion SE, which the company says is a significant upgrade. The Emotion SE features a new 0.8″ thick acrylic chassis, a 1.1″ precision machined GS-PMMA acrylic platter, a high-mass motor damping base and a new aluminum arm base.

Clearaudio’s patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing technology is also onboard, which incorporates a ceramic alloy main bearing shaft with a more polished surface than other bearing types which eliminates bearing friction, wear and noise. The motor is separate from the main chassis, and drives the platter joint-less, silicon-based “silent belt”. The table includes a Satisfy Carbon Directwire tone arm and a Clearaudio Aurum Beta-S Wood cartridge. The Emotion SE is priced at ¬£1790 ($2953).


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