My Current Outlook On Fashion


Much can be said about life, people, music & clothing. So I was thinking People don’t see past the materialistic aspect of clothing while us here see it as self-expression. Most of the time when people follow trends, they wanna be seen as if their cool/relevant with the current times.. i.e. older folk. Where as the pioneers in the clothing industry looks at the history of fashion & learns not to fall into the stereotype is what’s in is in & what isn’t is not. No matter what you say if something is wearable… much more lovable then just the regular bombardment of propaganda that we are exposed to on a daily bases (not to say that any of that propaganda is good or bad that’s for you to decide) I call that true fashion. Recently we see alot of people trying to take that extra leap & venture into the darkness in hopes of making progress..  to the point where we can’t even be original in trying to be original. I’m not saying don’t take a chance in the world of clothing… well of anything. Just make sure if your taking the risk to be “different” “original” or “you.” make sure your sincere about it…


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