Pastelle by Kanye West – Lookbook (Not Being Released)

Kanye West’s involvement in the design and fashion world has become almost as prominent as his music. Despite all the controversy surrounding the whiz kid, his contributions to the fashion scene with collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Nike makes him undeniably one of the emerging strong players in the industry. Also, with that said, it seemed only like a matter of time before Kanye West starts his own clothing line, and sure enough, news of Pastelle had been released a while ago. It’s only till yesterday that some lookbook shots of Pastelle surfaced on the web. Check out the preview shots which points at an energetic and vibrant collection with lots of colors and interesting tribal/Asian inspired graphics. Fans of Kanye have yet another reason to rejoice and welcome the man’s comeback from his Swift descend into controversy during the MTV VMAs. Too bad more information isn’t available yet on the Pastelle site as it continues to remain static. via BapeTalk2

Kanye released information that Pastelle will not be released but he will be releasing another line under his own name in the near future.





    • Perez Christina
    • October 12th, 2009


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