André for Incase curated by Arkitip


SAN FRANCISCO – Incase and Arkitip have launched the fifth installment of the Curated by Arkitip project with famed Paris graffiti artist André. Celebrating the city that elevated the artist’s graffiti to cult status in the creative world, the signature Incase 15” Sleeve and Slider Case feature André’s distinctive “Mr. A” stick figure character once seen everywhere from city walls to high fashion magazines and collaborations.

The Paris-themed André products for Curated by Arkitip are timed to release in parallel with the opening of the first Apple® retail location in France and will be available on opening day at the Apple Store®, Carrousel du Louvre adjacent to the renowned art museum in Paris.

“André embodies the creative spirit and vibrancy of Paris, so it was only natural to introduce his contribution to Curated by Arkitip as Apple opens its first retail store in France,” said Damon Way, Incase Chief Brand Officer. “We are excited to do this with André to celebrate his artistic legacy and Paris, a city that artists from all walks of life continue to draw inspiration from.”

Through Curated by Arkitip, Incase is able to bring artistically embellished products to an Apple centric community that shares an appreciation for the creative arts and technology. Working with artists whose bodies of work span both the commercial and fine art worlds, all Curated by Arkitip artists are selected for their dedication to their respective art forms and unique points of view. The André products for Curated by Arkitip follow the successes of past participating artists KRINK, Parra, Steven Harrington and HunterGatherer.

The André 15” Sleeve for MacBook® Pro and André Slider Case for iPhone® 3GS/iPhone 3G are available today at, and at the Apple Store, Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris, France.

For more information about the project, including a video feature of a day in the life of André in Paris, please visit








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