simply amazing…

Speaks so much more doesn’t it? A couple months of hard work and we’re now the dopebombers. What the most amazing thing to me is that how this whole thing is a work in progress. From coming up with the silly idea of making a fashion blog, look of how far it has come. Yes this may not be the most amazing thing in the world. But it’s a start to making something start. We finally, got our name on a ‘cloud’ although, I wasn’t present for the festivies it’s amazing to see that everywhere we go we are a united front no matter what. The dopebombers started on the back of four highschool freshmen and how we go hard in the paint is simply amazing to me. We have made things happen, on many levels that to me is amazing, just the thought of one day being the ones giving other young kids their start is more then I can explain. Yes we haven’t made it yet, but we’re on are way. Yes we aren’t making clothing yet, but we are on are way. The things that have happened to us, as a group has been crazy, and although we have made a pretty nice indent on the fashion industry so much more is to come. So sit back and relax their is more, much much more on the way.


ps: i know they spelled bombers wrong. lol

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