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Some of the most innovative minds, in the ententiment industry CREATIVE CONTROL. A band of directors, videographers, and editors bring us the viewers some creative and in-depth looks at behind the scenes actions of what goes on in the lives of Mos Def, The Cool Kids, Curren$y, Dee&Ricky, Dame Dash. Just to name a few the creative control team has directed music videos, like “Life Under The Scope” – Curren$y To live concerts in NYC. I’m hoping to do work with the Creative Control team, about Us, New Jersey, Skateboarding, Music, Art, Fashion, Life, Mary. Anything hopefully I can see that happening in the future. Anyway check out Creative Control.


Shit is gonna come together, and shit.

This blog, has been doing the numbers. From what I’ve seen, we need to start suppling you guys with more content. See what I wanna do, is do some shit with CREATIVE CONTROL. But I dunno, how that’s looking. We’re gonna start pushing out more material, gonna start doing shit and making shit click. Push out the bombers, and better yet our personal talents so we can stick around for years to come. Shit is gonna come together and shit.

The Hundreds Footware 2010 Spring Collection


Alpinestars x Fatlace “Apex Initiative” Shibuya Sneakers


Lupe Fiasco’s Cover


Curren$y “Breakfast”

Sex Therapy: The Experience

This has to been Robin’s best album to date. The album is more of a smooth elevator jazz, mixed with his timeless voice and slow melody. This has to be Robin’s most intricate album in my eyes. It’s the only Robin Thicke album I plan on buying. So if you can pick up that Sex Therapy.