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Wiz Khalifa – Material (Video)

By.D Fly


Kush x Orange Juice (Trailer)

It’s sure to have that laid back, smooth, Wiz Khalifa feeling that he always delivers. I can’t wait for it to drop. One of those “must download” Mixtape’s without a doubt. Enjoy, and remember This here you burn after you roll…..

sincerely, Cam.

Lovely Lights….

I’m a little late with updating you all letting you know I did get my macbook pro last night:). My 16th birthday is today and I couldn’t be any happier spending this time with my family. Now I been here for not even a full 24 hours and I have seen some pretty… well weird stuff. One thing that wasn’t weird was the fact that I ran into Q from Day26. He was walking onto the elevator as me and my cousin Jalil were walking off. He seemed to be with his mother and then another lady i wasn’t familiar with. He not only seemed in a rush but also in a bad mood so I kept it moving, plus I wasn’t too shocked to see him. Overall Baltimore is a wonderful city, from Tremont Plaza to the Museums. The view from my hotel room is amazing and I’m just really enjoying it here. As the day goes on I’ll be sure to update you all.

Sincerely, Cam.

The Award Tour Long John Beanies

The Long John beanie from The Award Tour makes its return for Spring 2010 with a batch of colorways for the new season. Four different schemes are offered, each featuring 100% American knit construction with a heavy duty ribbed cuff. Only 120 were produced in total, with a release set for this Friday, February 19th (6:00 PM EST) through The Award Tour webstore.

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ooVoo™ enables everyone to have face-to-face video calls over the Internet. It’s the closest thing to being there with your family, friends and people you meet with. All you need is a computer with a headset (or microphone and speakers) connected to the Internet. If you don’t have a webcam, you can still see the other participants in the video call. The video and audio is of superb quality and only requires a standard broadband Internet connection (such as DSL or cable). You can also call landline and cell phones from ooVoo (see the different ooVoo plans and credit options). The application is easy to use and enables you to participate in an ooVoo call using ooVoo or to join a video call from your browser, send ooVoo video messages, chat with friends, send files.

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Wiz Khalifa – This Plane (Video)

As you can see above we have an early treat for you. The Official Video to Wiz Khalifa’s hit single “This Plane”. Remember his album “Deal or No Deal” is out now! Also you can hear him on Curren$y’s latest tape “Smokee Robinson”

Peace & Love

sincerely, Cam.

G-Shock 2010 Valentine’s Day ‘Precious White’ Pack

As Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, G-Shock continues the tradition of releasing a special pack for the day. Nicknamed “Precious White,” the watches come in a white patent finish with hot pink LCD screens. The male version is an GLS5500P-7 G-Lide G-Shock priced at $99 USD while the female version is an GMN550-7D G-Shock Mini at the price of $79 USD. These two watches are now available at G-Shock stockists.

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