Our Buried Life

What’s up world. It’s cam of FLC. I’ve been somewhat holding back from posting; somewhat under the radar. No worries though I’m back with alot to talk about. As you may know we recentley took a trip to NYC in mid-December. That trip had to be one of the biggest trips we have took since we started this blog. From our picture being on an American Eagle Billboard, to meeting big names like Trey Songz, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover and more. After that trip our eyes then became opened to so much more. Not only will we be coming up on our 1 year anniversary but the summer is near. The summer for us will consist of so much! So much under the radar that I don’t want to even start to tell you yet! I mean our ideas are piling up as days go by. Just know even though we take breaks, our breaks don’t consist of resting. We can’t stop and we won’t stop. For the record we are only Sophomores in High School, we have time! I am currently having trouble posting from my moms labtop so I will be getting an Apple Macbook Pro for my birthday which is on the 21st of this month. Once I get that not only will you see constant posting from me, but you will also see videos of me keeping you all updated. Once again “can’t stop, won’t stop”. So to wrap this all up, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you dearly for all the support. Stick with us as we continue to make way to the top. Before I go here’s a few shout outs: S.O.C.(Stars Over Clouds); American Eagle Times Square; Mikey Bombers(FLC); Dejauhn Hatchett(FLC); Jalil Gresham(FLC); Chris Johnson(SOC) Tareem Hart(SOC); Frank Hatchett; Deshawn(SOC); Brandon Jordan(SOC), and if I forgot you I got you on the next one. Any questions? Email me at CamFLC@gmail.com
Have a bless, dope, and peaceful day:)
Sincerely, Cameron Johnson(FLC)

    • Mariah
    • February 12th, 2010

    Cam , I’m proud of yuh . Yuh doin ‘ it big ! Yuh showin ‘ ppl that yuh just not another Willingboro niggga , nd I’m glad . Keepin ‘ doin ‘ wat yuh doin ‘ nd yuh will make it FAR . ! . Dnt let ppl tell yuh other wise . Love Riah ❤

  1. Thank you, this mariah from BCIT right?

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