Few Steps Back…

Good news for New Orleans came about Sunday Night when the New Orleans Saints won against the Colts in the Super Bowl 44 game. Unfortuanely Today not only did the N.O. lose a king, so did hip-hop. Lil’ Wayne was supposely tooken into custody today to begin his one year sentence. Now me being me I’m very upset with not just Wayne, but also Gucci Mane who currently remains in jail. For them to come so far in the game and then be in jail now regardless of how old the case is. But I do know everyone makes mistakes and it takes a real man (or even woman) to do their time and handle their buisness. Here’s what MTV said, “Lil Wayne was expected to begin serving his one-year sentence on a weapons-possession charge on Tuesday (February 9), and while that sentencing was postponed until March 2, the MC has spent recent weeks manically recording music and videos — and over the past weekend, he hit the latter with a vengeance.” So with that said let’s support Wayne and show we can’t wait for him to return. “Rebirth” is now in stores:)
Sincerely, Cam

    • Cassandra
    • February 17th, 2010

    Ya’ll doing it so big ; Making the whole willingboro fam happy that we can rep something good from willingboro .
    & o and im mad about lil wayne , why he need guns with all that money he got he can spend on something that useful .

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