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Curren$y – Role Model

“Drinking from the lemonade bottle, tell the true do I look like a role model? To the kid that choose me to follow life ain’t nothing but bitches and Impalas.”

Role Model


Bob Marley

Just felt like posting this Legend.

Rappers, Actors, Dopebombers.

haha, what’s up readers!

So lemme let you in on what’s going down, back in 8th grade me and a couple friends made a diss track to some girls we used to like back then. It went something like yada yada yada “Fuck you, suck my dick bitch.” Yeah really deep stuff lol. As time went on we released the this track and the internet went crazy! over 1,000+ views on are myspace accounts (facebook wasn’t as cool back then.” and then we sat in the glory that we had won and that was that . Fast forward two years later, and we’re sophomores going into our junior year of highschool and yes these same girls are starting war again. Pretty late on the account the video is two years old lol. Any who now that we’ve grown and we’ve matured we are getting ready to put out some of the greatest comedy battle rap videos ever. All our videos will premiere on our facebook accounts and the blog so be ready. This will also lead us into our summer vlog lol add me mikeyB on fb here until then peaceeee.

RIP Guru

Acapulco Gold 2010 Spring Collection


Porter Classic Pawn Shop

In attempt to create the “World’s greatest pawn shop.” Japanese luggage brand porter has opened up Porter Classic Ginza branching off of Porter’s Poter’s classic brand with a handchosen selection of all types of worldly items.


Le Book New York 2010

A book about creative people, in the creative world. Covering names like  Proenza Schouler, Paul Smith, Stephen Sprouse. With over 10,000 entrees of up to the minute date on all of these arists plus more.

Available now for pre-order via Amazon with a release date set for April 30th, 2010.