Will.I.Am vs. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton accuses Black Eyed Pea Will.i.am of assault via Twitter


In a cyber spat to end them all, Perez Hilton has used Twitter to accuse the Black Eyed Peas musician Will.i.am of assaulting him.

The American gossip blogger sent a series of messages via Twitter in the early hours of this morning saying he was in Canada, bleeding and needed help.

His one million followers on the mini blog site were able to see the message: “I’m in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please.”

Hilton, in Toronto for the MuchMusic Video Awards, went on to explain: “I was assaulted by Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

read full story here.

Now I’m sorry to all those Perez Hilton fans, but I’ve heard that the blogger attacked Will.I.Am first, and he just decided to fight back… Now I’m not sure on the true story of the allegations or what happened, but we will keep you posted as the story goes on. Oh ps. This happened in Toronto last, night & drake’s after party happened last night so we will most def update you on that.

“In here & don’t care.”

it was… mikeybombers!

    • Diddy.Alexander
    • June 23rd, 2009


  1. i suspect that Mario (Perez) wasn’t actually punched by anybody… it’s more likely that, in a drunken stupor, he tripped and hit his face on the guardrail

    • julia
    • July 22nd, 2010

    Hate Perez!
    Will.i.am the best!

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