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Nike- “Homer Simpson” Dunk-Hi

Since the world’s most popular towering blue-haired stunner, Marge Simpson, had played muse to Nike and produced the Nike “Marge Simpson” Dunk-Hi SB, it seems only natural that her husband join her on the sneaker side eventually. Nike just released the “Homer Simpson” Dunk-Hi in Simpson’s Voltage Yellow skin color paired with Midnight Blue accents. The leather and suede uppers are perforated for extra ventilation and pulled together with orange laces. These are now available online at Ltd. If you have a Marge, it’s time to get her a Homer.






Bumpin’ some tracks now & lately Curren$y has been taken over my ears so I just wanted to let u guys in on some songs that i digg.

Download:Curren$y-Rapper Weed
Download:Curren$y-Damier Doobies
Download:Curren$y-Lambo Dreams
By.D Fly

Off I Go..

Well Im off tomorrow to Miami and then cruising all the way out to Jamaica. I’ll be taking plenty of pics. and maybe a video or two. I’ll be back August 6, 2009.
PS.Thanks camFLC for the ipod update bro!
By.D Fly

Ice Cream- “Butter On Waffle” Sneaker


Ice Cream has upgraded their Ice Cream Waffle Sneaker by adding more delicious style into the mix with butter. The sneakers continue to feature the block waffle print on the upper, but the soles get a butter drip detail remixed in as opposed to the bright monotones from the previous season. The shoes feature vulcanized rubber soles with reinforced heel and also a fine canvas lining for comfort. These butter drenched waffles will be available Aug 1 at Ice Cream Store Tokyo.


Leica C-Lux 3 X Andre X Colette

Available exclusively at colette. The Leica C-Lux 3 is one of the best point and shoot camera’s available on the market, combined with Andre, this collaboration is sure to move fast. Only 30 available in Black and White. Coming Soon.

Head Porter Plus Fall/Winter 2009 Collection


The Head Porter Plus Fall/Winter 2009 Collection has seen the Japanese label add a more sophisticated formal side being added to the already relaxed feel. Two very formal shirts and a dressy pair of chino’s are added to a casual oxford shirt, tees and drill chino giving a great in sight to what to expect.


8-Inch LCD TV


Portable eight-inch television for Plus Minus Zero has a flat LCD screen, designed in the shape of a traditional cathode-ray-tube set.

“It’s not about making things thin just because you can.”